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Watching the Sunset by Yuri Megami
Tags: Romance, Strong Sexual Content, Kingdom Hearts

WARNNG: This contains explicit adult content and miht not be suitable for anyone at least 18 and older =)

Kairi is layed back on the beach watching the sunset. Sora and Riku are nowhere ot be found and she is all alone. Suddenly, she meets a girl named Faye that keeps her company by feeling, kissing, and touching her all over!

Note: Faye is a character that I had designed on my own. Kairi belongs to the creators of Kingdom Hearts.

Valiant Hearts II by Fairytale
Tags: Action/Adventure, Romance, Adult Language, Violence, Alternate Universe, Fluff, Kingdom Hearts
The Keyblade has chosen Kairi as its master. After sealing Kingdom Hearts her journey continues. Along the way she meets Olette and Naminè, two unique girls destined to share her fate. A dark tale about the struggle against destiny.
Soft Kisses by Zoeylicious
Tags: Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Kingdom Hearts
Naminé and Kairi are on Destiny Islands. Just a little short story. =)
Emerald Flower – Black Ribbon by Fairytale
Tags: Romance, Alternate Universe, Fluff, Kingdom Hearts
A Valiant Hearts II special, this time: Aerith & Tifa.
Match Made in Final Heaven by AnsticeVolk
Tags: Drama, Kingdom Hearts
Aeris and Tifa arrive at Traverse Town
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