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Comforting Aroma by Nomad Skye
Tags: Romance, Angst, Fluff, WAFF, Winx Club
A brokenhearted Bloom finds comfort in Flora's arms. Flora/Bloom
Shapes by Nomad Skye
Tags: General, Winx Club
Along the beach, Layla thinks about her past, present, and wishes for the future. Musa/Layla
Airy Perspective by Nomad Skye
Tags: Winx Club
Mirta is nervous about starting in Alfea, but Flora is completely optimistic. Flora/Mirta
Momentary Doubt by Nomad Skye
Tags: Angst, Romance, Winx Club
Though she's completely happy, Layla remembers her upbringing and begins to doubt. Musa/Layla
She's Moving Onward by Nomad Skye
Tags: Drama, Romance, Winx Club
Sky finds out what Stella means when she says she's no longer going to be patient with him. Stella/Bloom
Without Her by Nomad Skye
Tags: Angst, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Angst, Character Death, Winx Club
Musa reminisces on what's been lost. Musa/Tecna
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