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Looking For A Weakness by writer jm
Tags: Comedy, Misc, Romance, Fluff, Fruits Basket
(Fruits Basket) Tohru gets into trouble from the Prince Yuki Fan Club and Hana proposes a unique solution to the problem: They become a couple!
Dark and Light Onigiri Tebahpla by BatchSan
Tags: General, Romance, Fluff, Slice of Life, Fruits Basket, Tohru Honda, Saki "Hana" Hanajima
Multiple looks at Saki and Tohru's budding relationship. From realization, to all kinds of firsts and everything in between. This multi-chaptered fic is guarantee to have all kinds of ratings and themes along the way! -Please read the story notes to learn more.-
This Love Tastes Bitter by BatchSan
Tags: Angst, Tragedy, Mild Sexual Content, Angst, Dark, Alternate Universe, Fruits Basket, Tohru Honda, Akito Sohma
-Post manga- Tohru and Akito have difficulties on matters concerning themselves and love.
AriSaki-In The Rain by ALLjapan
Tags: Romance, Fruits Basket, Arisa Uotani

love is sometimes harder to find when its right in front of you


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