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Lost Love by Shinigami_Shimai
Tags: Drama, Tragedy, Poetry

How does one over come the pains of a lost love when no one knew of the love was lost to begin with? A Childhood crush turns to darkness as she learns of the cruelness of life. True love never Dies no matter how hard some try to kill it...

Butterfly by Shinigami_Shimai
Tags: Poetry
Another Poem written during my morning over my first loves death. This one came to me while watching a butterfly pass by.
I'm Falling... by Shinigami_Shimai
Tags: Romance, Angst, Poetry
A poem about falling in love to quickly...
Cloudless by rock18903
Tags: Original, General, Poetry
just something i think about
Proportions by Ichigo_Kitsune
Tags: Angst, Poetry
She never loved me. I loved her, I lost her, and now I'm going to lose her again.
The Whispers of the Dead by deathseeker
Tags: Dark, Poetry

this is a poem about life and death, love and hate

Living for you by sandr17
Tags: Dark, Poetry
Just a little poem.
Winter's Kiss by horsewithnoname
Tags: Angst, Original, Dark, Poetry
Lost in Winter's deadly Kiss
Seperated by dawn's breath by horsewithnoname
Tags: Original, Poetry

Just a really short poem.

Forever Friends by horsewithnoname
Tags: Original, General, Poetry

a poem about a girl recalling the memories of her best friend who she had a crush on then putting them away trying to forget.

To My Ex by Dreamer
Tags: Drama, Adult Language, Poetry
Basically this is an enraged poem I wrote after breaking up with my first girlfriend for the second time. She was "bi-curious" or some crap like that. Anyways, it inspired me to write this poem...
Angry Face by FullyInsane
Tags: General, Fluff, Poetry
A cute little thing about two girls and a expression ;)
Slow Suicide by cjnosall
Tags: Adult Language, Poetry
This is a poem I decided to write about my 4 year crush (my best friend). Enjoy.
Blow by LolitaDoll
Tags: Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Poetry
A poem by Lolitadoll
heaven by horsewithnoname
Tags: Romance, Poetry
A poem about a girl who is seperated from her love because of her love,
The Robin Outside by LolitaDoll
Tags: Action/Adventure, Angst, Comedy, Original, Drama, Misc, Romance, Tragedy, Adult Language, Strong Sexual Content, Angst, Lemon, Character Death, Lime, Fluff, Novels, Poetry

Originally I made this as a one-shot. However I got an email asking for it to become a full story. I was fully glad to oblige.

Robin Lonna loved Scherese Mckay irrevocably. With Scherese by her side she felt invincible. However Scherese was forever lost in a closet of shame, fear, and vulnerability. Her parents made sure of that. With her lover's sexuality in secret, being together became the hardest trial...especially when it was decided that Scherese would have an arranged marriage. Soon, Scherese stopped saying "I love you." And Robin? Well Robin decides to let go...And within letting go, she finds a beautiful free-spirited girl named Charlie. Charlie intorduces Robin to a whole new side of life she never dared to touch

Bitter sweet by horsewithnoname
Tags: Original, Angst, Slice of Life, Poetry
a longer poem I guess I'd catagorize it as of. a girl who stays the night with a friend who she still loves. more of an emotinal bitter sweet thing, better read and interpretted i suppose then explained.
Searching For You by cjnosall
Tags: Original, Mystery, Poetry
A passionate poem I wrote.
Go figure by silver saturn
Tags: Dark, Poetry
Sometimes, Love and Hatred go hand in hand. Short poem, very dark.
this is love by MechanicalAngel
Tags: Romance, Poetry
A random poem. An expression of feelings.  I'm in love.
Those Famous Fireworks by littleman122041
Tags: Original, Romance, life troubles, Slice of Life, Poetry
A poem dedicated to wedding vows.
Shall I Beg? by littleman122041
Tags: Angst, Original, life troubles, Slice of Life, Poetry
A Quick angry poem.
Petal Rain by -Sin-Of-Virtue-
Tags: Angst, Angst, Poetry
I wrote this a long while back, and a friend insisted I post it.
Of Decay and Lily Blossoms by -Sin-Of-Virtue-
Tags: Angst, Original, Dark, Poetry

Two stories and promise wrapped into a poem.

Kimi o ai shiteru by -Sin-Of-Virtue-
Tags: Original, Romance, Poetry
A moment caught in time.
Fear Like Butterflies by -Sin-Of-Virtue-
Tags: Original, Horror, Dark, Poetry
One shot. One piece of hot metal ended it all.
Away Flies Yesterday by -Sin-Of-Virtue-
Tags: Angst, Original, Dark, Poetry
Time cannot be taken back.
And Here She Breathes by -Sin-Of-Virtue-
Tags: Angst, Original, Dark, Poetry
The air turns to ash as her lungs fill with the sweet burn of release.
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