Story: Sunflower Mama


First-year student of the Sunflower Academy high school Ichiko Nikk├┤ is an optimistic student with a loving family and a close childhood friend. Her innocence is tested when she meets the alluring and older Rei Cero, a tall, dark, and bishoujo who is reported to be unsavory in both action and body. Despite all this, Ichiko is smitten by Rei, and she musters the courage to pay for her "services". To her shock, Ichiko discovers that Rei is actually her real mother.

Authors: StarCross

Tags: Angst (genre), Original (category), Drama (genre), Romance (genre), Angst (warning), Incest (warning)


Ch# Title
1 Pure Sapling
2 Errant Mother
3 Family Ties
4 The Dawn Breeze
5 The Twilight Breeze
6 Dawn\'s Light
7 Deflower
8 Fertilization
9 Reckless Revelation
10 Cirrus Confrontation
11 Rebirth
12 Endless, Eternal Field
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