Story: Ex-SOLDIER Tifa


( TifaElena ) Post Advent Children. Tifa has opened a new bar and she hires Turks as a few temporary helping hands for 7th Heaven. However, unusual memories of an unfamiliar past stirs questions that she did not know the answers to. [Updated Summary.] Read & Review, please!

Notes: (From Chapter 1: Bar Tabs author's note) "This is just a kind of amusing idea I had played with when I was around 12. I had made an RP character named “Ex-SOLDIER Tifa” because I thought, “Hey, If Cloud’s memory could have been warped like that, who says Tifa’s isn’t?” The idea came back to me after reading a Tifa in-depth bio on a shrine called LOVELESS and watching Last Order again. It kind of answered questions as to how Tifa got to Midgar and how she recovered from the Sephiroth encounter in Mt. Nibel."(From my newbie forum post) Kay I'll talk about my current work. Work because it's the only one I'm working on. D: The title is: "Ex-SOLDIER Tifa" The series is Final Fantasy 7, and it's post-Advent Children. I've been trying to keep it real to the actual game's storyline, so no pasts were changed.. I just added more. And since characters like Elena, Yuffie and Jessie weren't elaborated on in the game, I've been playing around with their histories and personalities a little. Except Yuffie's.. She's the same as always :3The story is basically about Tifa and Elena. They're the pairing! =D It's long and complicated when I try to explain everything, so let's just start from where the story starts.. Tifa reopened her bar, but I said it was in Midgar because I didn't realize at the time (Before Dirge of Cerberus came out) that the city Advent Children took place in was called "Edge". So yeah, anyway.. Tifa reopened her bar and she's gotten more business as of late, so she needs to hire some extra help. Since the Turks are always drinking there and adding on to their tab, she hires them as temporary help. And that's where our story starts.. It has absolutely nothing to do with the actual story, but it's like a prologue.The actual story is about Tifa's past, Elena's past, and how they tie together. Since nothing was mentioned in the game or any other sources about Tifa's history between the time she leaves Nibelheim and the time she enters Midgar.. I've kinda created a little possible history, and it works out quite well! Elena's just never even been mentioned in the game other than like.. being a female Turk.. She doesn't even have a last name! Gah!I could elaborate more.. But that would be spoilers and I don't wanna spoil things. :3 I want people to read it. XD"

Authors: Bara Aozora

Tags: Action/Adventure (genre), Drama (genre), Mystery (genre), Romance (genre), Humor (genre), Final Fantasy VII (category)


Ch# Title
1 Chapter 1: Bar Tabs
2 Chapter 2: Déjà Vu
3 Chapter 3: Tifa`s Room
4 Chapter 4: Platonic!
5 Chapter 5: Keep Away
6 Chapter 6: Deadly Duo
7 Chapter 7: Appreciation
8 Chapter 8: Pillow Talk
9 Chapter 9: Kalm Days
10 Chapter 10: Rejection
11 Chapter 11: Introductions
12 Chapter 12: Seven Sins
13 Chapter 13: Love Me
14 Chapter 14: Remember
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