Story: Naruto {Unleashed}


A mixture of dark and sexy stories with the girls of Naruto.

Notes: For a little insight on all stories, check table of contents.

Authors: Asukalover88

Tags: Action/Adventure (genre), Angst (genre), Comedy (genre), Crossover (genre), Drama (genre), Fantasy (genre), General (genre), Horror (genre), Parody (genre), Sci-Fi (genre), Supernatural (genre), Tragedy (genre), Adult Language (warning), Violence (warning), Strong Sexual Content (warning), Out of Character (warning), Angst (warning), Lemon (warning), PWP (warning), Character Death (warning), Dark (warning), Lime (warning), Incest (warning), Rape (warning), BDSM (warning), Alternate Universe (warning), Humor (genre), Harem (warning), Slice of Life (genre), Harem (genre), Get Unleashed! (series), Naruto (category), Anko (character), Hanabi (character), Hinata (character), Ino (character), Kin (character), Sakura (character), Shizune (character), Tayuya (character), Temari (character), TenTen (character), Tsunade (character), Kurenai (character)


Ch# Title
1 Serious Sensai
2 Whipping prey
3 Piercing time
4 Not in this life
5 Hokage's doll
6 Killer Kunoichi Klub
7 Don't fuck with the fifth
8 Playing "House"
9 Tayuya's toys
10 Shinobi death I
11 Winner takes all
12 Shinobi death II
13 Hyuuga ties - Playtime
14 Girl's will
15 Hyuuga ties: Training
16 Girl's Will II
17 I love to hate you
18 The "Deflowering"
19 New pet
20 Hyuuga Handmaid
21 The Yamanka house
22 Nursing Ino
23 Wind and Weapon
24 A House Full
25 A Monster's Pet
26 Round two
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