Story: Young love


Sailor Venus experiences a disappointment in her love life during the Silver Millennium, but can Sailor Mars heal her broken heart? Part of my 'Love in the world of senshi' series. Mina/Rei, part1.

Authors: lilyheart87

Tags: Drama (genre), Romance (genre), Love in the world of senshi (series), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Character Death (warning), Sailormoon (category), Fluff (warning), Mild Violence (warning), Mild Language (warning), Ami (character), Makoto (character), Rei (character), Usagi (character), Minako (character)


Ch# Title
1 Crushed heart
2 A new day
3 More love letters
4 Under the shell
5 Love me tender
6 Anywhere with you
7 Until we meet again
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