Story: Two students and a cat


Lyn, a transfer student, is in her second semester at the university. Due to a promise to her parents and the program that she had attended in the past year, she has focused only on studying. When Shari dramatically enters her life, Lyn experiences emotions and an attraction that she had once thought defeated. Can Lyn accept not only herself but the hope and love Shari offers?

Notes: I have updated this story. Meaning several chapters have been rewritten. I have consolidated the first chapter with the original second chapter - the one that used to be titled: The fight. I have altered the chapter numbers of the rest due to taking the Fight chapter and adding it to the first. Anywho, the story is intact, thoroughly edited, and much more fun and consistent - well, I hope it will be! Enjoy the updated version!

Authors: Anarya

Tags: Original (category), Drama (genre), Romance (genre), Mild Sexual Content (warning), All You Need is Love (series), Mild Violence (warning)


Ch# Title
1 Chapter 1: A Chance Encounter?
2 Chapter 2: Revelations and a cat
3 Chapter 3: The Past bites
4 Chapter 4: A musical barrage
5 Chapter 5: Ice cream plans
6 Chapter 6: A not so random encounter
7 Chapter 7: Pizza and memories
8 Chapter 8: The phone call
9 Chapter 9: A Rude Awakening
10 Chapter 10: Shocking moments of discovery
11 Chapter 11: Healing Kiss
12 Chapter 12: Rediscovering pieces of self
13 Chapter 13: Standing up for oneself is harder than it seems
14 Chapter 14: The end is just the Beginning
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