Story: Knife-wielding Penpals: Nahal and Chloe


Nahal's mother has died. Thus she inherits her duty as the protector of the village, the Thirstary, and Quanzitta. Before her training, she has sent a letter to the one known as The True Noir for advice and as a friendly correspondence.

So begins a tweleve-year letter correspondence between Nahal and Chloe as they intimately discussed their lives, their duties, and the people close to them.


[This is a crossover of Madlax, Noir, and my original story Mother Güse Must Die. Since this series is a part of the MGMD metaverse. Things may get comedic and out-of-character in future letters.]

Authors: StarCross

Tags: Comedy (genre), Crossover (genre), Drama (genre), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Out of Character (warning), Noir (category), Alternate Universe (warning), Mild Violence (warning), Mild Language (warning), Chloe (character), Madlax (category)


Ch# Title
1 Letter #1 - 26 May 1987
2 Letter #2 - 15 December 1987
3 Letter #3 - 5 May 1988
4 Letter #4 - 5 June 1988
5 Letter #5 - 25 August 1988, "Leapcut"
6 Letter #6 - 31 July 1988, "Lambda"
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