Story: Eve Sky


In the indeterminate future, humanity faces extinction due to an ancient disease, unchecked eugenesis, and the continuing atrophy of the Y-chromosome. The easygoing Jerri soon finds herself to be humanity's only hope in an extremely strange twist of fate.

Authors: StarCross

Tags: Original (category), Sci-Fi (genre), Suspense (genre), Adult Language (warning), Strong Sexual Content (warning), Lemon (warning)


Ch# Title
1 "It was supposed to be a normal work day!" (groans)
2 "I'm not the baby's 'daddy'!" (grr...)
3 "And I was just getting used to this place..." (argh)
4 "This is not good for my health!" (Augh!)
5 "I'm a little freaked out." (shudders)
6 "That was... very intense." (whoa...)
7 "My first experience." (blushes)
8 "I'll save you!" (roars)
9 "Ah, a peaceful life." (relaxing sigh)
10 "I don't need no war!" (rage!)
11 "Stop this madness!"
12 "Is there no hope left?" (despairs)
13 "Mother..."
14 "Why must you commit these sins?"
15 "Has the world ended?" (I feel fine though.)
16 "Don't leave me!"
17 "Savages?" (Become alert!)
18 "Am I fit to inherit the Earth?"
19 "I will always love you."
20 Epilogue - "What will tomorrow bring?"
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