Story: Goddess' Light


Kara, Mitsuko, Keia, and Jura are all re-united as both Keia and Jura enter college with Kara, while Mitsuko works at the restaurant as she did when she met Kara. Then, strange things begin to happen as Keia and Jura admit their love for one another. Then they meet Reiko and Ayako, and things get even stranger. What is going on and what does it pose for the six of them?

Authors: KaitonLocke

Tags: Action/Adventure (genre), Comedy (genre), Original (category), Fantasy (genre), Romance (genre), Supernatural (genre), Suspense (genre), Tragedy (genre), Adult Language (warning), Strong Sexual Content (warning)


Ch# Title
1 Part I - Wind and Water
2 Part II - Fire and Ice
3 Part III - Thunder and Earth
4 Hiatus
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