Story: Dragon Lady of Macross


During one of the brief periods Ranma was attending school, the crash of the Visitor woke him up to the world outside of the art. After Jusenkyo, Ranma leaves Genma and must choose between his manhood and his dreams of space service. Completed Ranma 1/2 and Macross Crossover

Authors: CalamityQueenCordite

Tags: Action/Adventure (genre), Crossover (genre), Drama (genre), Romance (genre), Ranma 1/2 (category), Crossovers (category), Macross/Robotech (category)


Ch# Title
1 Chapter One
2 Chapter Two
3 Chapter Three
4 Chapter Four
5 Chapter Five
6 Chapter Six
7 Chapter Seven
8 Chapter Eight
9 Chapter Nine
10 Chapter Ten
11 Chapter Eleven
12 Chapter Twelve
13 Chapter Thirteen
14 Chapter Fourteen
15 Chapter Fifteen
16 Chapter Sixteen
17 Chapter Seventeen
18 Chapter Eighteen
19 Chapter Nineteen
20 Chapter Twenty
21 Chapter Twenty One
22 Chapter Twenty Two
23 Chapter Twenty Three
24 Chapter Twenty Four
25 Chapter Twenty Five
26 Chapter Twenty Six
27 Chapter Twenty Seven
28 Chapter Twenty Eight
29 Chapter Twenty Nine
30 Chapter Thirty
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