Story: Thief Messiah Carmen Sandiego


A woman in a red coat meets a little wolf girl... 

Set approximately five years before Mother Güse Must Die, master thief Carmen Sandiego takes a young Becky Wolfe under her wing.  Becky befriends the not-so-vile V.I.L.E. agents who have unique abilities and powers, as well as noble reasons for working under Carmen.  

During their thefts, they uncover a sinister conspiracy brewing in the financially-strapped ACME in which its members seek to restore their former glory by reviving The Chief and the reactivation of the C5 teleportation technology.

Notes: The title was originally Wolf Ears, Red Fedora. I changed after a epiphany.

Authors: StarCross

Tags: Action/Adventure (genre), Comedy (genre), Crossover (genre), Drama (genre), Misc (category), Parody (genre), Adult Language (warning), Violence (warning), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Out of Character (warning), Character Death (warning), Lime (warning), Alternate Universe (warning), Mild Language (warning)


Ch# Title
1 Object 01
2 Object 02
3 Object 03
4 Object 04
5 Object 05
6 Object 06
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