Story: Mother Güse Must Die


A wolf meets a little girl in a red riding hood--THEN ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. A chance meeting between Becky Wolfe and Red Little sends the two lovers in an odyssey filled disturbing locales, shady characters, and a consant appetite for cornbread.

Authors: StarCross

Tags: Action/Adventure (genre), Original (category), Crossover (genre), Parody (genre), Adult Language (warning), Violence (warning), Strong Sexual Content (warning), Out of Character (warning), Lemon (warning), BDSM (warning)


Ch# Title
1 Miss Wolfe Meets Red-chan
2 Bubba Bo Peep
3 The Ginger Ale House
4 The Three Biggs
5 Ronald Stilzchen and the Chemist's Daughter
6 The Old Woman who Lives in the Shoe Factory
7 Ginger
8 Running a Store, Life in a Cabin
9 The Muffin Woman
10 Hammer and Axe
11 The Auction of Madness
12 The Deadly Ranch of Pecos and Slue-foot
13 Unnecessary Crossover #1 [Or, How Chloe Lost her Email]
14 Unnecessary Crossover #1.5 - Much ado about Secondary
15 Unnecessary Crossover #2 [Or, In France I see Mireille's Underpants]
16 Rampion Nuzel
17 Climbing the Beane-Stark Tower
18 Super-Special Number 01 - The Great Smashing Hollow Ween Pumpkins
19 Super-Special Number 02 - Billy Bonkura and the Confectionary Factory
20 Super-Special Number 03 - The French Maid Aptitude Test
21 Jean-chan Goes to the Gynecologist
22 The Slipper Situation
23 The Spoon and the Dish came out of the Cupboard (and ran away)
24 The Death Spindle
25 Obligatory Transitional Moment
26 Yuki Shirow and the Seven Sexy Samurai Schoolgirls
27 Missionary Trib Girl Rebecca
28 Ginger Gets Bored
29 Spicy Special #4 - The Crowbar and the Bat
30 Ginger Goes Back to School
31 Becky Wolfe: A Fuddled Fairy Tale, Part 1
32 Becky Wolfe: A Fuddled Fairy Tale, Part 2
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