Story: batwoman begins


crime and corruption control gotham city a city no one believe's can be saved until billionare kathrine kane and her cousin elizabeth kane becomes vilgilante's at night to takedown the crimalnal's and protect after voluntering for a supersoldier serum experiment conducted by kane enterprise. when a new threat to gotham city comes to kill the citizen's of gotham it's up to them and a few of their allies including recently promoted metahuman deputy inspector maggie sawyer head of the major crimes unit and leader of the entire police force.

Notes: everybody will startoff with 2 superpower's. some of the police ranks from differant countries and differant law agentcies will be in the story. some of the police officer's will volunteer for the supersoldier/cop program. futa, a/u. each units will have 4 sqauds.

Authors: shivacanary2016

Tags: DC Universe (category), X-Men (category), Batman (category), Gen13 (category), Spider-Man (category), Runaways (category)


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