Story: Magic Show


Catwoman and Harley Quinn are just starting up one heck of a romance when Harley's best friend James Jessie (aka: The Trickster) shows up asleep on her couch on the run, his boyfriend missing, and the queen of Hell looking to collect his soul. Can Harley get the girl AND save her friend, or is she just doomed either way? Read on and find out...

Notes: character rename: In the comics and TV show, her name is, Harleen Quinzelle aka Harley Quinn. I changed it to Hailey Quinn aka The Harlequin for my story.pairings: This story is mainly about Selina/Hailey, but there's also James Jessie and whether there's going to be a James/Jason Todd (aka: Red Hood) or a James/Jace (aka Satauns, exiled prince of Hell) pairing (I'm not giving away which way that goes in the end, btw). Also, there are other pairings too. Selina's roommate, Arizona, for instance, never seems to be without a woman in her bed (think Shane from L Word kinda). And Hailey's new friend, Holly Robinson, will have a romantic interest too down the line (you'll have to wait to find out who though).  

Authors: ijenn

Tags: DC Universe (category), Batman (category), Birds of Prey (category), Batman the Animated Series (category)


Ch# Title
1 Unlucky In Love
2 The Murder Game
3 Those Unexpected Things
4 Lust At First Sight
5 Girl Talk and a Houseguest
6 Ready or Not...
7 Light As Air, Hot As Hell
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