Story: Purely by Chance --Revised--


I jumped off of her and stared at the broken glass between us. She gasped, placing a hand over her mouth as she held back the tears. Oh, wow! Heartless people can actually cry, say what now?! Wait- OH shit no this was bad… Really fucking bad oh no, oh fuck, shit, oooohh man there are no words for how much shit I’m gonna be in because of this… I broke it- I broke the cat's necklace that would require me to marry her… I was still a minor! I still had my whole life ahead of me! I didn't want to marry her! I didn't even like her like that! I mean yeah I kinda made a big fuss over her, but that didn’t mean I wanted to marry her! "It was an accident! I didn't mean to..." I muttered biting my lower lip and staring at the floor. "I-I'm sorry..." I stammered. "Sorry!? You ruined it! I don't think you understand what. That. MEANT! You stupid fucking dog!" that was the first time I had heard her curse. "I don't wanna be with a girl! And you at that!" She hollered at me. "I-I'm sorry..." I mumbled pathetically. "No you’re not!" My head jerked up in anger at her declaring what my emotions were and weren't. "Yes I am! I'll prove it! I'll... I'll..." What would I do...? She hissed at me. " “You'll - you'll” what now? I can't hear you!" She hissed again. Ugh,... she was right..."I'll... I'll um..." I started panicking...."...Your parents are going out of town for a while, right?” She said randomly, her tone calming down- something about that seemed scary… I nodded to her question. “You can follow me around and do as I say until I find a way to fix this or until this all blows over- How's that sound?" I nodded feverishly- if that was all... "O-Okay!" It didn't sound that bad... But god, oh my god kill me, was I wrong...

Authors: XxDollXx

Tags: Original (category), Drama (genre), Romance (genre), Adult Language (warning), Mild Violence (warning), Slice of Life (genre), Harem (genre), Purely By (series)


Ch# Title
1 01. Medusa Glare
2 02. Lovers Tiff
3 03. Let It Ride
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