Story: Prome Wrecker


Prom was a time to be together with the girl she loved, now if only Jade would quit trying to sabotage the entire thing. My Take on the episode Prom Wrecker.

Notes: A different take on the episode Prom Wrecker for the 'Prome Special Challenge' by Emeralddusk. Rating: T (for) general reasons. Disclaimer: I don't own VICTORiOUS or anything associated with it, someone much more famous than me does. (Still wish I could meet Ariana Grande though.) Pairings: Cat Valentine x Tori Vega

Authors: kttykiwi

Tags: General (genre), Romance (genre), Alternate Universe (warning), VicTorious (category), Cat Valentine (character), Tori Vega (character)


Ch# Title
1 Prome Wrecker
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