Story: Moonlit


Dominique Destine has a secret, a secret life full of tragedy and magic that she's lived for a thousand years. In all that time, she's learned one lesson above all: Don't trust humans, ever. So then, when police detective Elisa Maza comes to her rescue one night when she really needs it, how is it that she suddenly finds herself ignoring that lesson in the worst way possible, by falling in love?

Notes: Pairing: Elisa Maza + Dominique Destine (Demona)Story: You don't have to have watched the show to understand this story, everything you need to know's explained as you go. Also, I don't refer to events as you'd see them in the show, the past events of this story and personal histories of the characters are different enough that knowing those things from the show won't make much of a difference one way or the other.Archiving: You can post this story on other sites without permission, you just need to make a good faith effort to notify the author first. Don't edit or change the story's content without permission though. Also, make sure to keep the story's title, author's name, and all the story notes and disclaimers with the story.

Authors: Jessica Knight

Tags: Drama (genre), Fantasy (genre), Romance (genre), Supernatural (genre), Gargoyles (category), Demona (character), Elisa Maza (character)


Ch# Title
1 Brave
2 Daylight
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