Story: Hold Me Tight So I Can't Float Away


Kanaya's never done it with a human before and Rose has never done it at all - that doesn't mean they can't give it a try.

Notes: Prompt: Inspired by this and this | Knows me better than I know myself Contains/Warnings: Xeno, first time lovin', romance, fluff, underage (16/16)Word Count: 4,255A/N: My first ever Homestuck fic! A slight play on the first tumblr 'prompt' in that I think they meant the human would be the one shocked and confused, but here I played it the other way around with the troll as the victim, at least to a point (because really, with Kanaya, I think it's totally plausible). No clue why I decided Kanaya has a sexual past here (hey, maybe she did get it on with Vriska!).

Authors: BatchSan

Tags: Romance (genre), Lemon (warning), Fluff (warning), Homestuck (category), Rose Lalonde (character), Kanaya Maryam (character)


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