Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored


Follow the everyday lives of the Haibane's and thier not so angelic behavior

Notes: Aside from being my very first fic that I personally recognize, this was also my very first attempt at a series way back in 2004 and it worked out really well, especially the connection between chapter 1 and 4. I've since then edited the very early chapters, mainly getting rid of the walls of text. So it still shows it's age with how rough it is, but I still hope you manage to enjoy it.I don’t own Haibane Renmei this is just a work of fiction

Authors: Anime Lover

Tags: Angst (genre), Comedy (genre), Drama (genre), Fantasy (genre), Romance (genre), Sci-Fi (genre), Adult Language (warning), Strong Sexual Content (warning), Angst (warning), Lemon (warning), PWP (warning), Humor (genre), Slice of Life (genre), Haibane Renmei (category)


Ch# Title
1 Chapter 1- (Rakka\'s side) Abandoned Factory Kuu\'s Game Change
2 Chapter 2- Discovery Aftermath Ambush
3 Chapter 3- Teasing Injury Recovery
4 Chapter 4- (Kuu\'s Side) Boredom The Bakery Pain
5 Chapter 5- Let Me Share Your Pain
6 Chapter 6- Nemu\'s Embarrassment
7 Chapter 7- Rakka\'s Embarrassment
8 Chapter 8- The Spring part 1: Reki and Hikari\'s embarrassment
9 Chapter 9- The Spring part 2: Kana\'s Next
10 Chapter 10- Romantic Interlude
11 Chapter 11- Just a Sexual Attraction
12 Chapter 12- Hikari\'s Favorite Toy
13 Chapter 13- A Haibane’s Morning Fun
14 Chapter 14- Rakka’s Surprise for Reki
15 Chapter 15- Hikari’s ‘Back’fire
16 Chapter 16- Hikari’s Revenge: Rakka’s Humiliation
17 Chapter 17- A Little Payback
18 Chapter 18- Reflection
19 Chapter 19- One Last Go
20 Chapter 20- Rakka’s Little Secret
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