Story: Play~Time


This is baisically just lemon after lemon.. But I made it cute and touching in as many places as I could. x3 Hope you like it!

Notes: This story has lots of bad stuff in it... 3x3 Hope you like it kinky! Warnings: This story may include and is not limited to.. Adult Language, Light and Heavy BDSM, Lemon, Self Insertion, and Strong Sexual Content. And you may feel a light tingling in your stomach and a slight or heavy wetness in between your thighs, this is normal. Sorry!!! I switched Anya's name for Kat cause that's one of my friend's nicknames.. Her name isn't Anya, I just thought it sounded neat for a random character.. But I figured out I was using Kat as her characteristics and such so I switched names.. And I was tired last night so.. Hey.. Comment if I should continue, or if I should make a better story line. Pwease..? T~T

Authors: Wolfie

Tags: Original (category), Strong Sexual Content (warning), Harem (genre)


Ch# Title
1 School IS My Play Ground!
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