Story: RE: Claire X Alice


An attack from the evil corperation Umbrella has failed once again. Claire and Allice retreat to their room after an awkward moment up on deck of the Umbrellas ship. It leads to a saucy night shared among the two fights.

Notes: Now, I know that any hard-core RE fans will probs list a thousand and one things wrong with this. But please just deal with it okay, I'm not a know-all fan of RE.I like the movies but don't know the games story plot all too well. Never played the game but kinda still do (I think) get the story plot a bit...not that it matters in this story owo. I would like to know more and be a better fan of RE, but yeah...this is all I can gather based on movies.I'm basing this fanfic on the moment after the helicopters come at the end of the most recent movie. So please enjoy.and yeah, reviews are definately welcomed ^^

Authors: ALLjapan

Tags: Romance (genre), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Resident Evil (category)


Ch# Title
1 RE: Claire X Alice
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