Story: Tattered Petals in the Wind Afterstory


Holly and Claire have been through a lot together. They have overcome any obstacle that has been thrown at them and are now happily in a relationship. However, nothing could have prepared Holly for this latest trial... dinner with Claire's mother.

Notes: I am really sorry for not updating in seven months! I say I will, but I never do. I had to write a short story for my english class, so I figured "Why not one about Claire and Holly?" I've been dying to write them as a couple. This takes place after Tattered Petals. Spoiler alert: They get together. I won't spoil the plot, but there is continuity.

Authors: Bonta-yuki96

Tags: Angst (genre), Original (category), Drama (genre), Romance (genre), Adult Language (warning), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Angst (warning), Dark (warning), Fluff (warning)


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