Story: iHelp Tutor Sam


Sam's having trouble with school. Worried, Carly takes it upon herself to help her friend achieve academic success with some... Prompting. [Carly/Sam]

Notes: This fic is based on the following prompt - Carly tries to entice academic achievement out of Sam by "rewarding" her if she gets an A on her next exam. -OR- Flipside - Punishing Sam for failing an exam. Only changed the 'A' to a 'B' in this fic.

Authors: BatchSan

Tags: Romance (genre), Lime (warning), Mild Violence (warning), Humor (genre), iCarly (category), Carly Shay (character), Sam Puckett (character)


Ch# Title
1 Chapter 1 - Small Steps to Higher Education
2 Chapter 2 - Raising the Bar To Complete Academic Achievement
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