Story: The Taste of Defeat and A Lick of Victory


[FFVII: AC] Even though Yuffie can never beat Tifa, it doesn't mean she doesn't get treated like a winner.

Notes: A/N: Yay! I wrote an actual FFVII fic! ^_^ All I ever wrote before were some drabbles so I'm extra proud of this fic even though it's just my excuse for writing outright smut. xDPrompt: Mutual masturbation. Warnings: Smut, shower!sex, use of a sex toy, misuse of materia (aka materia!sex), and some temporary pouting/moping.Word count: 1,457

Authors: BatchSan

Tags: General (genre), Romance (genre), Strong Sexual Content (warning), Lemon (warning), PWP (warning), Final Fantasy VII (category), Tifa (character), Yuffie (character)


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