Story: This Love Tastes Bitter


-Post manga- Tohru and Akito have difficulties on matters concerning themselves and love.

Notes: A/N: The lyrics I used as a prompt just begged for a pairing that was very much love/hate and this pairing just screamed and pled for me to write it. AU from the original storyline in that there's another reason that Akito breaks the curse, though I don't really specify it (one of those 'use your imagination' moments).Prompt: 'Your fascinationWith naked walls of silk and skinWith no conditionsI needed you to noticeThat's all I wanted' - "Don't Cry Out" by Shiny Toy GunsWarnings: Minor spoilers, lots of angst, sexual content, AU, and LOTS OF ANGST (also, possible infidelity?)Word count: 685

Authors: BatchSan

Tags: Angst (genre), Tragedy (genre), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Angst (warning), Dark (warning), Alternate Universe (warning), Fruits Basket (category), Tohru Honda (character), Akito Sohma (character)


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