Story: Mundane Musings of the New Generation: Introductions


Going-ons in the lives of the Touhou cast and theirĀ children; this story introduces the new generation.

Authors: dragonfire5000

Tags: General (genre), Humor (genre), Slice of Life (genre), Mundane Musings of the New Generation (series), Touhou Project (category)


Ch# Title
1 The Question
2 A Reason for Fear
3 Hellish Trip
4 Quite Ambitious
5 Cheater
6 The Strongest
7 Life on the Other Side
8 Free Spirits
9 A Child\'s First Taste
10 Mechanical Misfortunes
11 Old Scars
12 Frozen Time
13 A Day with Mother
14 Two Princesses
15 An Elusive Answer
16 Remembering
17 Winter Warmth
18 Sweet Scent
19 Target Practice
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