Story: The Daughters of Lilith


Following the world's revival after the failure of the Human Instrumentality Project, Misato and Ritsuko attempt to piece together the fragments of their former lives. Find out what happens when two women—who've been both friends and enemies—try to exorcise the demons of their pasts.

Authors: bleeding.blade

Tags: Drama (genre), Romance (genre), N G Evangelion (category), Akagi Ritsuko (character), Katsuragi Misato (character)


Ch# Title
1 Major Misato Katsuragi
2 Doctor Ritsuko Akagi
3 Lieutenant Maya Ibuki
4 Doctor Ritsuko Akagi
5 Major Misato Katsuragi
6 Inspector Ryoji Kaji
7 Major Misato Katsuragi
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