Story: Sailor Moon: The Love Rectangle


A surprise visit from Darien shatters Serena and Amy's weekend alone. Amy is heartbroken and looks to Lita for consolation. Lita has her own solution to this problem.

Notes: I do not own anything from the Sailor Moon franchise. There is sexually explicit Yuri in this story. Adults only!This takes place when the girls are 19, thus they are of legal age.

Authors: SailorJane

Tags: Drama (genre), Romance (genre), Strong Sexual Content (warning), Lemon (warning), Sailormoon (category), Mild Language (warning), Sailor Moon in New York City (series), Ami (character), Makoto (character), Usagi (character)


Ch# Title
1 Chapter 1
2 Chapter 2
3 Chapter 3
4 Chapter 4
5 Chapter 5
6 Chapter 6
7 Chapter 7
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