Story: Sailor Moon: The Return of Sailor V


Sailor V returns to fight the crime infested streets of New York City. But her appearence could mean the breakup of the Sailor Scouts. (Yuriness)

Notes: This story was co-written with someone who has chosen to remain anonymous. Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the Sailor Moon franchise. No copyright infringement in intended. I use the American names for the characters, because that's what I grew up watching, and it also works for them being in New York City.Serena - Usagi (Sailor Moon) Amy - Ami (Sailor Mercury) Raye - Rei (Sailor Mars) Lita - Makoto (Sailor Jupiter) Mina - Minako (Sailor Venus) 

Authors: SailorJane, SomeguyJim

Tags: Action/Adventure (genre), Comedy (genre), Drama (genre), Romance (genre), Adult Language (warning), Violence (warning), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Sailormoon (category), Dark (warning), Alternate Universe (warning), Sailor Moon in New York City (series), Ami (character), Makoto (character), Rei (character), Usagi (character), Minako (character)


Ch# Title
1 Chapter 1 - The Return of Sailor V
2 Chapter 2 - The Suspicion
3 Chapter 3 - The High-Speed Chase
4 Chapter 4 - The Alienation
5 Chapter 5 - The Police Station
6 Chapter 6 - The Break-up
7 Chapter 7 - The Stakeout
8 Chapter 8 - The Rooftop
9 Chapter 9 - The Assassination
10 Chapter 10 - The Whisky Bottle
11 Chapter 11 - The Reunion
12 Chapter 12 - The Battle on Church Street
13 Chapter 13 - The Fire Escape
14 Chapter 14 - The Aftermath
15 Chapter 15 - The Slumber Party / Epilogue
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