Story: My Heart Can Be Your Home


Fran's POV. Fran longs for Penelo, but she knows she's out of her reach.[Pre-Fran/Penelo] -Drabble- -WAFF-

Notes: A/N: This was actually a failed attempt of another fic, but it was so cute to me, I left it as is. Btw, writing from Fran's POV made me panicky. xD I was worried about screwing up her 'inner' voice.Prompt(s): Flower, waiting, ponder, alabaster, autumn, light, and “I’d love to live in _______”Warnings: Pre-femslash, very mild angst, WAFFWord count: 409

Authors: BatchSan

Tags: General (genre), Romance (genre), WAFF (warning), Final Fantasy XII (category), Fran (character), Penelo (character)


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