Story: The Effects of the Gum Gum Flower


On their way to Eruyt Village for the first time, Penelo stumbles into something that causes unusual side effects.[Fran/Penelo] -Underage- -Frottage-

Notes: A/N: Probably didn't do the best with the 'seductive' part of the original prompt, but I came as close as I could. The name of the flower is partially inspired by my missing watching/reading One Piece at the time of writing this.Prompt: Penelo/Anyone: seductive - You make me wanna dance/Can we take it to the floor/You have no idea what I have in storeWarnings: Underage, frottage, sexual contentWord count: 1,734

Authors: BatchSan

Tags: General (genre), Romance (genre), Lemon (warning), Fluff (warning), Mild Violence (warning), Humor (genre), Final Fantasy XII (category), Fran (character), Penelo (character)


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