Story: Eulogy of Fear and Love


'Hermione will not admit that she is afraid. Fear is only perpetrated by the control of one over another one and she does not fear Pansy.' [Hermione/Pansy] -Dark- -Violence- -Dub-con- -Mind!fuck-

Notes: A/N: [Written for LJ's hp_emofest.] Had some really great prompts supplied to me, so I'm excited by how this fic turned out. A big thanks goes to my muse, and girlfriend, for making me want to finish this. This is probably my most favorite fic I've written ever. ^_^Prompts: Ice, pain, night, guilt, fear, "Or maybe I'm just not suffering enough yet. I didn't expect to see you again." [Latter Days], "I love everything about you that hurts." [Closer], various lyrics from Evanescence's "Breathe No More"Rating: NC17Warnings: Mind!fuckery, angst, dub-con, smut, violence, D/s, bondage, some bloodplay, some BDSM.Word Count: 3,756

Authors: BatchSan

Tags: Angst (genre), Drama (genre), Suspense (genre), Tragedy (genre), Violence (warning), Strong Sexual Content (warning), Angst (warning), Dark (warning), BDSM (warning), Harry Potter (category), Hermione (character), Pansy (character)


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