Their pilgrimage for the past is over; only the present now matters... but for those who walk the dark path of murder all peace is fleeting. A new enemy arises to threaten Mireille and Kirika's quiet existence, one who wishes an old legacy to be reborn. The swords of Noir are forced to be drawn against the taint of the world, wielded by the true Black Hands, and Mireille and Kirika must now skirt that fine line... between red and black. [In Progress]

Authors: Kirika

Tags: Action/Adventure (genre), Romance (genre), Violence (warning), Strong Sexual Content (warning), Noir (category), Angst (warning), Mireille Bouquet (character), Kirika Yuumura (character)


Ch# Title
1 Shattered Peace
2 An Unwelcome Briefing
3 The Calm Before A Storm
4 First Contact
5 Dissolving Lives
6 Allies and Adversaries
7 Sinners, Act I
8 Sinners, Act II
9 Morning Sunlight
10 Vendettas
11 The Test, Act I
12 The Test, Act II
13 Casualties of War
14 A Remnant of a Pilgrimage
15 Homeward Bound
16 Looking Beyond The Horizon
17 Return, Act I
18 Return, Act II
19 The Illusion
20 The Hourglass
21 Dark Crossing
22 Chapter 22 - These Lives
23 Chapter 23 - Family Matters
24 The Professional’s Vacation
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