A small story based on the popular MMPORPG World of Warcraft, follow a group of adventurers as they set out for the most impossible quest of all: Unite the Horde and the Alliance.This story takes place between the WotLK and the forthcoming Cataclysm expansion, so expect major, fictional spoilers.

Notes: All events, characters and plotlines are made by my; otherwise, everything is TM and CR of Blizzard Entertainment: This is merely a fan-based World of Warcraft story.

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

Tags: Action/Adventure (genre), Romance (genre), Supernatural (genre), Violence (warning), Strong Sexual Content (warning), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Character Death (warning), Dark (warning), Alternate Universe (warning), Mild Language (warning), Humor (genre), Short Stories (category)


Ch# Title
1 The Heroes Arise - An Introduction
2 Chapter 1: Trouble in Goldshire
3 Chapter 2: Darkness Cometh
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