Story: BOUND


One of Orochimaru’s illegal experiments was proven successful, but the Sannin is already dead, killed by Sasuke after avenging his family and killing his brother Itachi. WAIT! So what if Sasuke killed Orochimaru and Itachi? This doesn’t concern them!

Notes: I was burned from writing either KIGO or Mai HiME and my other Naruto fic was so dramatic so I decided to make a new story, hoping I'll get the muse back...and it seemed it worked!

Authors: Handj

Tags: Comedy (genre), Romance (genre), Adult Language (warning), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Out of Character (warning), Lemon (warning), Naruto (category), Ino (character), Sakura (character)


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2 Chapter 2
3 Chapter 3
4 Chapter 4
5 Chapter 5
6 Chapter 6
7 Chapter 7
8 Chapter 8
9 Chapter 9
10 Chapter 10
11 Chapter 11
12 Chapter 12
13 Chapter 13
14 Chapter 14
15 Chapter 15
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