Story: Autophobia


Lions, and Tigers, and Bears oh my! Within the new society bounds, a new race of people thrive among the living. Anthros. But not everyone approves of them, much less still enforcing the same sterotypical conformities on their living styles. So, how is a young wolf suppose to live peacefully much less try to find a mate?

Notes: As far as genres go for this story, it will have action/adventure parts to it, but it is also romance as you will find out as the story progresses.The same goes for the warnings. I don't plan on using a lot of adult language, so it is mild. There is a chance of mild violence, some sexual content, and possibly some other warnings that might come in due time.I personally think that the rating of M will suffice, but if any of you think otherwise, please message me and I will do my best to change it.

Authors: P4ND4 B34R

Tags: Original (category), Romance (genre), Mild Language (warning)


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1 Introduction
2 Chapter 1
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