Story: Allisia - Dragon Warrior


Being disappointed with the game Lightning Warrior: Raidy, and as an apology for my absence as an author for quite a while, this story is quite simply everything Lightning Warrior: Raidy should have been...only with a ToD sort of twist to it.

Notes: Empress Shinris Narra-Jar has a problem: Several of her harem girls have mysterious vanished, and all sources points to the old catacombs and tunnels in the Imperial Palace of Shacar-Jarcu.Issuing a hefty reward for the girls' rescue, the empress' hopes dwindle as the first adventurer, Janith Dawnfire vanishes in the dark corridors of the catacombs...But now, a brighter hope has shun, for Allisia Lightblade has risen to the challenge.

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

Tags: Action/Adventure (genre), Fantasy (genre), Mystery (genre), Parody (genre), Supernatural (genre), Adult Language (warning), Violence (warning), Strong Sexual Content (warning), BDSM (warning), Alternate Universe (warning), Humor (genre), Harem (warning), Harem (genre), Novels (category)


Ch# Title
1 The Descend
2 A Question of Desires
3 Inevitable Capture
4 Pleasent Torture
5 Revelation
6 Allisia Unleased
7 Damsel of Desires
8 Succubi Gone Wild
9 The Escape from the Catacombs
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