Story: Under the Cherry Blossom Tree


I (Suzuki Sayoko) have never been in love with anyone. There aren't many things that interest me aside from watching nature, the sky, and cherry blossom trees, which are all outside of the window. I've never been interested in life...

Until you (Sannomiya Ryoko) appeared in my life. I love you but it's unnatural for a girl to love another girl, isn't it?

Notes: It's funny how everything is working out OK. I truely have to give you guys the credit for helping me to keep going. It is going on a path that I never planned. Thank you for reading!Update  11/26/10 - I'm back and I'm inspired. After all the pain and suffering I'm stronger. I shall be able to continue with the story. Thank you for your support from your hearts!^^ Update  11/27/10 - I'm cominbing chapters so that there won't be too many of them ^^;; that should make the overall size of the story less intimidating for everyone. Aa! That's right, how was Thanksgiving? I was alone in my apartment and didn't celebrate it, of course.  ^^;;

Authors: Kamui_Maiko

Tags: Original (category), Romance (genre), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Angst (warning), Mild Violence (warning)


Ch# Title
1 1. The Cherry Blossoms / Catching Ryoko with My Eyes
2 2. At the Movie Theater / Ryoko
3 3. Rush / Falling into the void called me
4 4. Enchanted encounter / Kanazuki Mari - My Past
5 5. Marimari, Sayosayo / A Friendly Advice
6 6. Dreaming of Red / Probing
7 7. Keiko / The conversation
8 8. My Chaos, My Light / the Watery Grave
9 9. Ryoko, as I saw her / The Confrontation
10 10. Two goddesses at once.
11 11. A long and hard night, full ver.
12 12. Struggle / Shocking Encounter
13 13. Changes / an unknown interlude
14 14. A different intimacy / the twilight in between
15 15. The Wolf Pack of Men
16 16. A Warrior Who Cuts Like the Wind / Dancing Snowflakes
17 17. My thoughts and I / Torn Apart
18 18. A Unexpected Guest
19 19. Girl Talk / New Intertwine
20 20. The Truth / I Ran
21 21. Keiko, pt. 2
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