Story: The Lesbian and the Two Worst Neighbors


The Main Summary:This story is about a lesbian who is trapped in a town where everybody hates lesbians. Her family is abusive, and everybody around her hates her. This story takes place across a three year time period, on Hawaii's Kure Island. Kure Island is split into two (while Midway entirely belongs to the United States), one half being in America, the other half a part of a foreign island empire (to be discussed later). The main character is an American lesbian, who is alone and hated by all those around her. She does everything she can to work her way to some place better. Eventually she meets up and moves in with another much happier lesbian on the north side, and is introduced to a not only strange, but upside down culture. Hence, this is why it is called "The Lesbian and the Two Worst Neighbors". Since one side is almost the opposite of the other. This story takes place along 3 years, from 2014 - 2016.The Main Characters:Cecilia Gueermo - She is the main character of this novel. She is a 17 year old lesbian trapped in a very misogynistic wealthy military neighborhood where everybody hates lesbians and loves flamboyant narcissistic bisexual men. Not only does her entire community have the exact opposite sexual outlook that she does, her family is an extreme example of that. She is as oppressed and powerless and persecuted as one could be. Nobody likes her, nobody agrees with her, they all hate her and have the exact opposite views she does. She has came close to suicide so many times, but her fear of death has stopped her from going all the way. In addition to being America's most severely depressed women, she is also very intelligent and holds many interests. She went to the local university at age 16 and got an A score on a meteorology class; though her family members were not fond of the idea, but her school paid them to let her. She is also good with computers, even though she doesn't own one and is forbidden to use one. She is far from a jock, but is agile and can run very fast; she uses these physical skills to escape abuse. Even though she is a lesbian, she never told her family, until her very last dinner.Briden Gueermo - He is the Cecilia's father. He beats her, his wive, and the rest of his family. He is a flamboyant bisexual, and is one of the richest men on Kure Island. He is also the head of the Kure Island Masculinist Association. His son is one of the lead speakers, and he is universally renowned by the people of southern Kure Island. When he found out that his very own daughter was a lesbian, he had no choice but to renounce her, for he would loose everything he had if anybody found out that his daughter was gay.Robert Gueermo - He is Cecilia's brother. He is even worse than her father. He beats Cecilia, he even beats his own mother. His computer is what Cecilia uses, and when he finds out she uses it, he beats her relentlessly. Another issue they fight over is his cat. He doesn't want any woman to ever lay a finger on his cat (in which he abuses), but Cecilia just loves to pet her. He is also one of the most vocal masculinist, and he screams his ass off every second about his pro male cause.Jane Gueermo - She is a proper house wife. She does all the house chores, she hardly ever leaves home unless its with her husband, and she rarely interacts with the children. She is almost void of emotions, and is mentally retarded. However, she does have one set of emotions, her burning hatred of all lesbians and feminists; she will never let another women not even her own daughter stand with in 3 feet of her. She frequently yells at her daughter, telling her that she shouldn't go out in public with out gloves, because otherwise she would look like a dyke. She is also the leading spokeswoman for men's rights. One time she announced that she does not love her own daughter, or her mothers or aunts, because that would make her a lesbian, and she hates lesbians, because they are disgusting and they hate men.Sylka Nuru -She become Cecilia's lesbian partner in the second half of the story. She is a proud commited young women who lives on the northwestern side of the island, which is a part of a whole new empire. She is the same age as Cecilia, and met her over the Internet. Sylka Nuru's family works for an international translation business, so she is on her way to learning English, Japanese, and Mandarin. She says that English is her least favorite language, and America is her least favorite culture. When she heard Cecilia's distress calls, she came to rescue her. Sylka had no intentions of getting romantic with Cecilia, but thought that she just deserved to be rescued. But, to her amazement, she eventually fell in love with her. Sylka is committed to healing Cecilia.

Notes: While I was thinking of inventing a new country for my first story, that is a bit of a jump for me. For right now I can't draw a rock, and I don't write very well either. So I need somewhere to start. I came up with a new story, and takes place in Hawaii. However, one of the last islands on its chain is split in half between two different empires; however this story is only concerned with the relations of the main character, and not between the two societies.Be sure to check out: additional information.

Authors: Moonbat

Tags: Angst (genre), Misc (category), Adult Language (warning), Violence (warning), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Angst (warning), BDSM (warning), Alternate Universe (warning)


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