Story: Love My Way


When it comes to love, three is an uncomfortable crowd, as Yukino founds out when Haruka’s secret admirer finally shows up.

Notes: Don’t own any of the characters from Mai HiME. If I did, Shizuru would be missing a girlfriend! :D Don’t like Yuri/lesbian stories? Don’t read it. It’s as simple as that.  The story is presented mostly from Yukino’s POV, but there will be times where it will be presented in Haruka’s POV. I got a beta reader, but the more the merrier! So if you want to beta-read this as well, then don’t be shy, just send me a PM! Author’s Note – The event is taking place in early November 2004 yet the Carnival event already happened. How could this be? Well since the Obsidian Lord was upset with how things turn out in the Carnival, he made everybody repeat the year but he forgot to erase their minds of the incident. Thus all the parties involve remembered the Carnival, their HiMEs, and everything else that took place. How he came up with the idea for everybody to relive the past year was that through Reito he was watching “Groundhog’s Day”, the day before the final event.

Authors: mandygirl78

Tags: Angst (genre), Comedy (genre), Romance (genre), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Lime (warning), Mild Language (warning), Mai Hime (category), Mai-Otome (category), Kikukawa, Yukino (character), Suzushiro, Haruka (character), Yumemiya, Arika (character)


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