Story: There's Rain Coming


Yuri has had a bad time with relationships, so she quits dating. In turn she ends up getting fired from her job and ends up meeting a mysterious stranger at the bus stop.

Notes: A/N: [Written for Livejournal's story_lottery.] I don't write a lot of original fiction, but I thought this was a good time to use two of my favorite OCs, since I miss and love them. XD  And yeah, btw, these are the same charcters from my other original fic 'Passing Through'.Pairing: Yuri/AngelPrompt: #25 - a drop of waterWord Count: 1,445Claimer: >.> Yuri and Angel are my own characters and I've grown attached to them so please don't steal them.

Authors: BatchSan

Tags: Original (category), General (genre), Romance (genre), Fluff (warning), Short Stories (category)


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