Story: The Taste of Pocky


Trapped indoors during a rainy day leads to boredom, which leads Kagura to do unusual things - like eat a pocky stick from Sakaki's lips. However, no sweet moment can take place around the girls of Class 3 without some kind of mayhem and chaos ensuing. Tomo, that's your cue! XD  -Kagura/Sakaki- -Fluff- -Humor- -Silliness- -Romance-

Notes: A/N: Took me forever to write this! I got up to the 'sexual content' part - months ago, mind you - and totally fizzled out (which oddly, despite the fact I write a lot of PWPs, I seem to have trouble incorporating smut, even mild smut, into a normal fic). However, I really wanted to get this done (this being my THIRD attempt at writing a fic with this pairing! T-T), so after a few months of dust collecting, I finally got it done. (: Spiffy, no? XD Sorry it isn't longer and the ending is so-so, but really, I'm just happy it's done! Pairing: Kagura/Sakaki Prompt: Pocky  (my own prompt - I really wanted to write a fic involving pocky somehow) Warnings: Femslash, sexual content, some violence (especially to cameras), fluff, romance, humor, silliness. Word count: 2,463

Authors: BatchSan

Tags: Comedy (genre), General (genre), Romance (genre), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Lime (warning), Fluff (warning), Humor (genre), Slice of Life (genre), Azumanga Daioh (category), Chiyo (character), Kagura (character), Nyamo (character), Osaka (character), Sakaki (character), Tomo (character), Yomi (character), Yukari (character)


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