Story: Soundless Screams


Toph's been having nightmares. Something heavy has been on her mind and when Katara comes to comfort her, she battles with herself to find the courage to share her fears with the older girl. -Katara/Toph- -Fluff- -mild angst-

Notes: A/N: [Written for nick_girlslash on Livejournal in celebration of IDF.] The song I used as a prompt automatically made me think of Katara/Toph. The secrecy, confusion, and especially the whole 'opposites' bit in the beginning of the song scream 'Katoph!' to me, lol. This fic's a slight bit on the dark side, but that's because some secrets can be dark to an indivdual.Pairing: Katara/TophPrompt: 'Secret' by Missy Higgins'You said, "where I'm from there is a lock and key / If you'd be so kind as to follow me / I will show you the way to the rest of my sins"'...'You got a secret / Don't you babe and I should know / Yeah / I should know... / For I'm your secret / Aren't I babe'Warnings: Femslash, Fluff, mild angstWord count: 1,008

Authors: BatchSan

Tags: Angst (genre), General (genre), Romance (genre), Angst (warning), Fluff (warning), Avatar: Last Airbender (category), Katara (character), Toph (character)


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