Story: Wisdom of a Race


Humes and viera are different when it comes to certain things, sometimes judging one another because of their differences. Ashe can see past the differences though when it comes to Fran, learning something valuable. -Fran/Ashe-

Notes: A/N: Written for Livejournal's Springkink comm. I may have failed slightly with the unrequited love bit, I'd just like to point that out in advance. ._,; I did my best though. I tried to focus on the underlining reasons why there would be unrequited love between Fran and Ashe. : I just don't know if I did well with doing so... T-T; Prompt: Final Fantasy XII, Fran/Ashe: unrequited love - you're too youngWord count: 820

Authors: BatchSan

Tags: Drama (genre), General (genre), Romance (genre), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Fluff (warning), Final Fantasy XII (category), Ashe (character), Fran (character)


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