Story: Crushed Flowers in the Basement


A look at Miss Honey's nightmare childhood with her aunt Trunchbull. What led her to run away from home when she was sixteen? -Dark themes- -Rape warning- -Underage-

Notes: A/N: This was written for Livejournal's Springkink comm. Now I am aware that technically, this isn't exactly an incest fic, since Trunchbull is Jen's mother's stepsister. But since they are aunt and niece, nonetheless, I view it as a form of incest, whether they're blood relatives or not. There's no blatant sexual descriptions of the rape in this fic, so don't be too squicky to run away. I've loved this movie and book since I was little and I've always wondered if something like this may have happened. So yeah, that's why I jumped on the chance to do this prompt when I saw it.Prompt: Matilda, Miss Honey/Trunchbull: slavery/abuse -- it got harder and harder to remember a time when she was ever happyPairing: Miss Honey/TrunchbullWord count: 1,464Warnings: Femslash, dark!fic, incest, non-con, rape, underage, physical abuse, mental abuse, implied torture, heavy angst.

Authors: BatchSan

Tags: Angst (genre), Drama (genre), General (genre), Tragedy (genre), Violence (warning), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Angst (warning), Dark (warning), Incest (warning), Rape (warning), Matilda (category)


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