Story: iThink of You


Carly and Sam have been friends for a long time. But can a few things change that for the better? Carly will realize how she feels about Sam. Not knowing that Sam feels the same way.

Notes: I wrote this story about my sisters favorite tv show, I just think they make a good couple dont you? I write storys alot but this is the first story I've never shared outside my notebook...I hope you like it..I really like the show and this is one of my older storys I may turn this into a series. Just depends on the response.

Authors: Natalya10

Tags: Romance (genre), Mild Sexual Content (warning), iCarly (category), Carly Shay (character), Sam Puckett (character)


Ch# Title
1 What is This Feeling?
2 Sammie, I love you
3 Is this Love?
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