Story: Dark and Light Onigiri Tebahpla


Multiple looks at Saki and Tohru's budding relationship. From realization, to all kinds of firsts and everything in between. This multi-chaptered fic is guarantee to have all kinds of ratings and themes along the way! -Please read the story notes to learn more.-

Notes: Here's the story - this is something I'm doing for a LJ comm. I have to work my way through the alphabet with the given prompts. I decided to work my way backwards through the alphabet for this challenge, hence 'tebahpla' instead of 'alphabet'. As the fic goes on, expect the rating to go up and for more warnings to appear. I wasn't really sure how to compile this together, but I just realized I can do it as described in the summary for this fic! So this fic will show Saki and Tohru realizing they are in love and learning the ups and downs of love along the way. That means learning about exceptence and experiencing all kind of firsts (good and bad). Since this is for an alphabet prompt, they will be 26 chapters to this fic - guaranteed. If I decide (or the readers decide) it should keep going, then it might. We'll see~ Without further ado, let's get this started! Enjoy guys! :D

Authors: BatchSan

Tags: General (genre), Romance (genre), Fluff (warning), Slice of Life (genre), Fruits Basket (category), Tohru Honda (character), Saki "Hana" Hanajima (character)


Ch# Title
1 I Think I Know - Z
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